Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What to do?

In response to my first post- which originally appeared on google plus- one person commented that it was "too much work."

Well, that may be true. What I ask isn't a complete startup and operation of a local political club. What I'm asking for is 40 hours a year.

One monthly meeting- just attend. even if it's the breakfast social and not the meeting.

At primary time and election time, a few hours here and there- just make yourself available, with cell phone and email (and car if you have one) and hit the phones for a few hours, or grab some snacks, or run an errand- drop off a batch of mailers at the post office.

At election time, go through the local list of registered voters in your party- highlight people you actually know- whatever they are being mailed, add a personal note. "Hey John, this is the current ballot suggestion list, I'm pretty much in favor of it myself and have been helping out with getting the work done over here. Hope you find it acceptable. thanks! Joe."

election day- get it off of work. fill up your gas tank, make sure you have your phone charger- and make yourself available.

that's it. 40 hours a year. If you want more, you'll know it. If you don't, you'll have a fair lock on your local party and you'll know the politics much more deeply. You'll be involved. You will have ways to change things if and when you think they need changing.

And you'll be restoring local politics to the nation- instead of national organization mandated politics.

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